1. Is all my money locked up in an annuity?
    Many annuities have a once a year, penalty free withdrawal feature, in many cases 10% or more a year.
  2. How are the earnings taxed in an annuity?
    Earnings will not be taxed until withdrawals are taken or a regular distribution starts. Clients can benefit from TRIPLE compounding – earning interest on principal, interest on interest and interest on tax savings.
  3. Can I receive income from an annuity?
    Yes, lifetime income options exist and these payments are guaranteed to continue for the duration of your life. You can start payments immediately or use to create an income stream in the future.
  4. If I pass away does the insurance company keep my money?
    In most cases no, your designated beneficiary receives the money that is left in the annuity.
  5. What is wealth transfer?
    It is a process to effectively transfer assets that you do not think you will need in your lifetime to your desired beneficiary, whether that is a spouse, child, grandchild, etc.