About American Dream Retirement Solutions, Inc


The mission of American Dream Retirement is to assist our clients in attaining a comfortable and safe pathway of financial independence before and during retirement.


  • Offer an approach to maximize and maintain our clients savings.
  • Protect clients estate from tax burdens
  • Establish a comprehensive plan to meet your financial objectives
  • 401K account rollovers
  • Lifetime Income Strategies
  • Fixed short term accounts
  • Leave a tax free legacy
  • Determine when it is most beneficial to start social security
  • Medicare Supplement
  • Short Term Recovery


We not only ask the right questions, but then listen to your answers. Based on your answers and needs, we then devise a plan that will make your retirement ideal. Many of our clients seek out our services after a life changing event, a change in job, becoming an empty nester and thinking more about retirement, becoming a grandparent, sadly a divorce or death of a spouse, whatever the situation we establish a financial plan. We work with a multitude of strong, highly rated insurance companies that offer a wide variety of products. American Dream Retirement Solutions, Inc. charges no fees.

Rule #1 – Never lose money 
Rule #2 – Never forget Rule #1

Warren Buffett